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ADHD and Anxiety – 7 Ways to Win the Game

Adhd And Anxiety

ADHD and Anxiety – How to Win the Game

Have you noticed that ADHD and anxiety is becoming more of an issue lately? Watching this happen with your child can be very troubling. Having it happen to yourself is not much either. Some newer research points to sleep deprivation being a piece to the puzzle. I’ve noticed clients with a dysfunctional right brain that likes to run unbridled is more of a problem. As technology improves to measure the truth; I’m going to shed some light on how I’ve helped hundreds of people get control of their ADHD and anxiety.adhd and anxiety

Would it make sense to you if I told you that the ADD Brain functions from the perspective – that is colored by the amount fear shame and guilt that the person is internalizing? (The majority of the world is ‘sold’ on the Germ Theory, so let’s accept this simple ADD theory as fact.) Let me make that clearer, people with ADD/ADHD can be incredibly constructive and destructive, based on the amount of personal fear, shame, or guilt they carry. Obviously, this is true for how much self-esteem, joy, and free conscience they enjoy.

The ADD Brain is very powerful – when it is free of illusions – of the true nature of the person whom possesses that brain. If this is true, then why are we singled out as dumb, lazy, nuisance, problem child? This doesn’t happen just a few times, we’re talking thousands, countless, amount of occurrences. Even with a ‘normal’ thinker, this negative programming can be hard to bear.

People with ADHD have incredible imaginations; making negative programming extremely powerful. Imagine for a moment that someone possessing the programming that they aren’t smart or that they “can’t do anything right”. What will happen to this person when they encounter a new experience in which they have to learn something new to accomplish a new task?0.o

Combine that with the newer understanding that “thoughts become things” (Mike Dooley), in addition to the power of thought to change the environment (The Intention Experiment). This creates a very strong force that can be extremely destructive; one in which the person wielding the power has no idea that they are even the cause of it [I hope I didn’t lose you there – because this becomes a very important foundation for changing your ADD gifted brain]

Our ‘fight or flight or freeze’ response creates adrenaline surges. (This happen from our Sympathetic nervous system mediated spinally from T1 to L1.) ADHD and anxiety is happening when that system is left unchecked by the logical left brain. As for fear; fear is fantastic. Fear keeps you from doing lots of things that you CAN do, but it can also push you to do things that you never thought possible. Because fear is in your mind, like anxiety, and the chemicals it produces cause all kinds of actions and reactions.

Scientific fact – when your ‘fight or flight’ response is kicked in from your nervous system, ALL your senses become more enhanced. Yes, absolute total fact. Visual, hearing, tactile, smell… at the highest level needed for the situation. Guess what? Who controls your mind? One person. You. ADHD and anxiety is completely under your control (once you are aware, recognize and train yourself).Bouncer-with-headset

Facing your own internal notions of fear will take us into areas of our minds that we may believe are very real to us. That’s fine, I understand, but you have to understand that it’s only that way because YOU have made it that way.

Here’s the disclaimer – when you begin to ask yourself about the skills that you have to complete something that you’re afraid of – and you honestly don’t have the skills – GO GET THEM. Research the skills needed, then learn what’s necessary, then train on the new skills, find a way to get that skill. Anyone can learn new skills. If they allow themselves to.

Here’s 7 ways to win the ADHD and anxiety game:

  1. Understand that anxiety is only a set of chemicals caused by the thoughts in your mind. Make your left brain rein in your right brain, like a horse.
  2. Ask yourself “why am I feeling this, what am I ‘really’ afraid of?
  3. List all requirements to accomplish the thing you’re afraid of..
  4. Acknowledge your own skills, talents, assets, and ask others for help
  5. Determine if you can perform the skills needed while you are scared…brave)
  6. Remember that you have created the thoughts and chemicals inside YOUR head.
  7. Now, take a deep breath, and go do it.. NOW.adhd and anxiety

This works, I promise. I have been able to face countless moments in life that used to cripple me. Many times it simply came down to realizing that I had the basic skill to perform the task, and I could complete them without dying. More often than not my ADHD and anxiety was like a phantom cloud that my mind created and once I was in front of it, it vaporized.

So, yes, this works. And I’m going to look forward to the stories that come from the readers of this blog.



Adhd And Anxiety