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Adult Women and ADD – Where’s the H?

The ADHD Society blog bannerAs ADHD becomes a hot topic in the real world and online, many people are beginning to discover that adult women and ADD is an often overlooked problem. The main reason that adult wentrepreneurs with adhdomen and ADD isn’t front and center starts with one particular difference. Many doctors, psychologists, therapists and doctors are in agreement that the “H”, the hyperactivity component is absent majority of the time. It’s a double edged sword, for several reasons.

1. Girls with ADD, dont exhibit the same signs as boys; who are typically more hyper

2. Most research has been performed on males, specifically because the “H” component is so hard to deal with

3. Girls may seem like they are ‘behaving’, when in actuality, their brains aren’t even present, ‘daydreaming’…

4. Girls that aren’t correctly diagnosed with ADD , carry it into adult hood, causing major problems.

5. Alcohol poisoning and addiction is now reaching into the young female demographic more than ever.. (trying to ‘fit in’ – self medicating from the often feelings of fear, shame, and guilt that people with ADD possess)

Many leading doctors and psychologists are lobbying for more research to be looked at with respect to adult women and ADD. Which makes alot of sense, to me, due to the fact that they make majority of the family decisions. many of the earlier studies focused on comparing girls to boys – using boys ADHD symptoms as the marker. (Nadeau)

Doctors who work with females with ADD often ask, “how is school for you?” and the girl answers, “great, i’m never there”…

Discovering what part of the female brain (with ADD) is functioning out of balance, then creating a safe alternative treatment plan can saves many people from a future of suffering and damaging relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more and listening here’s Adult Women and ADHD Radio Show excerpt…

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Adult Women And Add

Insight into ADHD Coaching – Do I Need ADD Coach?

Adhd Coach

Many people nowadays are hiring coaches for many different things besides sports. Having an ADHD Coach may not seem like it makes much sense right now, but soon it will. Lots of professionals in the business world hire personal coaches to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and bring out the best in themselves or their business. When someone who has ADD, but isnt getting help from a trained, educated, certified ADHD Coach – that can spell trouble. The truth is that ADD can be a gift. One that is sorely misunderstood by the majority of society. For those educated professionals who truly understand the metabolic, neurological, and environmental issues surrounding ADHD, many of them assert that having an ADHD Coach is one of the smartest things anyone can do.

adhd coach

Difference between coaching and consulting

When it comes to working with clients, whether or not they have ADD, a coach is the person that draws out of the person the greatness that is within. A consultant is the expert that teaches someone how to do something better. For example, when it comes to art or music, I barely know anything except that I do know what is beautiful… So, for me to truly coach an artist, I would help them to overcome obstacles to their full incredible imagination and creativity. I would not be telling them how to paint or what to paint…

What to Look for in an ADHD Coach

Talk to this person and get references. Find out what they know about the different type of wiring that the ADD Brain contains. It is important that this ADHD Coach has the skills and understanding to provide a strength based approach to their coaching program. That means, by understanding that ADHD can be a gift as long as the correct individual changes are made and adhered to (preferably with out drugs) the person gets their life more under control and they become much more productive and happy. The prospective coach should know the latest research on alcoholism and addiction rates among ADHD population. It is extremely important that you are honest with the ADHD Coach in order for them to help you the most.

Why an ADHD Coach Can Help You

Many people who know that they have ADHD – want to get better. I hope that is you, who is reading this. Despite the urge and want to become a better version of themselves, there is almost always the burden of fear shame and guilt associated with growing up being misunderstood with ADHD. Coaches are the observers who are only there to help you get better. They wont judge you, and certainly won’t tell you that you’ve been a bad boy. This means that having an ADHD Coach can be a way to crawl out of the despair that comes with trying and trying again and again, only to fail, again. (hallmark of ADD)

P.S. If you’re interested in getting ADHD Coaching – CLICK HERE


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Adhd Coach

Adult ADHD Natural Cures to Help Relationships

The ADHD Society blog bannerMany spouses have contacted me about finding adult ADHD natural cures; hoping it will help their spouse. This one hits home for me, due to the fact that many of my relationships have been strained by the traits of ADHD. Relationships may be problematic for adults with ADHD due to inattentiveness, forgetfulness, and lack of impulse control are usually traits that accompany adult ADHD . In the event you aren’t great at self-regulating your movements toward others, it may well cause them to become tense and upset. It’s also possible to come off as overly aggressive or as not caring enough to concentrate closely.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the way you communicate and connect to friends and family.

Help for your closest relationship

While trying to find adult ADHD natural cures could cause issues in many different types of social settings, it may strike deepest and increase the risk for most problems within your partnership, marriage, or with someone you’re dating. Since you’re disorganized, your mate can experience like he/she gets to deal with sets from bills to childcare. In the event you are overly forgetful or inattentive, your companion can experience as if you just don’t care. In case you both understand the outcomes of ADHD, you have a better chance of developing a fulfilling relationship.

  • Divide tasks and follow them. The partner without ADD/ADHD may be more worthy of handling the debts and budget, when you manage the children or daily chores.
  • Build a communication code. Have your mate gently remind you to do something in order to listen closely by providing that you simply nonverbal signal you both concur with.
  • Assume responsibility. ADHD or not, you’re full half the partnership, and want to operate on the things which are hard on the mate, including communication.
  • Create better communication. Often the simplest solutions work best; like using a dry erase board to write down notes and regular to-do lists. To avoid misunderstandings, have the partner with ADHD repeat items that have been postulated.

Simplest Adult ADHD Natural Cure – Improve Communication

The signs of adult ADHD could make conversations difficult or uncomfortable for other people. You don&rsquot mean ahead off as abrasive or uncaring, your impulsiveness, hyperactivity, or distractibility can get within your way. To activate positively with all the people who are around you, you have to be attentive, responsible, and able to control impulsive behaviors. Quite simply, mind your manners.

  • Listen actively and don’t interrupt. While someone is talking, try and maintain eye contact. If you realise your mind wandering, mentally repeat their words so that you follow the conversation. Practice not interrupting.
  • Seek advice. As opposed to launching into whatever is what’s on your mind, or the various things on your mind, ask your friend, spouse, or acquaintance something. It is going to let him/her know you’re focusing.
  • Request a repeat. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the person to repeat himself. In the event you let the conversation go too much time when your system is elsewhere, it’s going to only get tougher to re-connect.

Educate friends and family about adult ADHD

Educating your family aboutadult ADHD natural cures and how it affects your social and interpersonal skills might help alleviate a great deal of conflict. In the event you show you’re spending so much time to enhance your social skills, your friends and relations can also be more willing to accommodate what you do.



Adult Adhd Natural Cures