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Hot ADHD Debate in Richmond Va

The pressure is building within the ADHD community and society who is on the outside looking in. This blog gives the bullet points of an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking Video Podcast that Dr. Eric Etka did with RVAreal.tv –


  • Has ADHD has been labeled a disorder syndrome, problem creator in society?
  • Can people with ADHD leave a wake of destruction and very exasperated people around them?
  • How many kids have been labeled as problems, nuisance, disturbed, special needs?
  • How many kids have been abused because they have the traits of ADHD (misunderstood)wake-up-productive


1.Increase stress in house and family

2.Can be destructive and careless

3.Getting distracted easily

4.Hard to handle emotional ups and downs

5.Casting blame – not taking responsibility

6.Low self esteem

7.Disturbing classroom or work

8.Can be embarrassing in public

9.Adds to the tension in relationships

10.Follow through is below average


  • Medication can help OR worsen the problem, no one knows which medication will work for each person, so it’s really a game of brain chemical Russian roulette.
  • The internet is filled with anecdotal, living room stories, guesses, and finger-pointing.adhd richmond va


  • Most people are focused on the negative attributes.
  • Wrong Approach with Drugs and Control.
  • Parents, adults and kids – need a tried and true way of understanding, containing and redirecting the enormous brain energy that comes WITH having the traits of an ADHD Brain.


  • Understanding ADD/ADHD
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Medication Discussion
  • Exercises For Home & School
  • Limit Destructive Behavior
  • Reduce Stress On Your Relationship
  • Connecting With Emotions
  • Focusing On Purpose
  • Awareness Of Patterns
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Overcome Self-Doubt
  • Empower THEMadhd richmond va


Natural ADHD Cures – Organizing to Maximize Your ADD Brain’s Gifts

Adhd Natural Cures

For adults with ADHD, one of the easiest ADHD natural cures is becoming extremely organized. Any amount of disorganization can make new problems far beyond the symptoms of ADHD. Being late or missing appointments, forgetting to cover a bill or falling behind with a schedule creates stress which only makes memory and attention even more difficult. This pattern can be a continuously-worsening spiral which creates chaos in everyday life. Because of this, getting organized as an ADHD natural cures is really a basic necessity for adults with ADHD. The building blocks of organization is memory and attention, to compensate for difficulties during these areas, these task has to be externalized–included in one’s environment. When memory and attention are externalized, a brand new sense of structure is achieved.

adhd natural cures

How to Create a Smarter Office Environment
A more efficient work space has to be established. Create a place in your home which is your “office.” If you don’t have the space to experience a separate room, section off a part of another room. Get this space comfortable for you personally. You could work well behind a desk, or perhaps just sitting in an arm chair. What sort of office is defined has to be based on what you are comfortable with. Realizing that other ADHD natural cures include understanding that you function different than others. This space has to be used only as your office. Place all the instruments necessary for having your work carried out in this office such as, a telephone, computer and filing cabinet. You will probably need on the internet coupons like paper, notebooks, stapler, scissors, etc. Regardless of whether your goal is always to organize your home, focus on this space. This will give you a place to organise organizing other parts of your life. Keep this space as well as uncluttered always, regardless of whether your home becomes a mess, maintain this one “sanctuary” to retreat to for planning.
Organizing Information Creates Time

  • In your work space, building a filing system to set up incoming information.
  • Create notebooks and file folders with titled categories such as “Bills Paid”, “Bills to Be Paid”, “Child School Stuff”, Tasks to Delegate”, “Action Pie Pieces”
  • Create all the categories that you need to allow for your own personal circumstances.
  • Be open to produce files for seemingly un-important things such as birthday, anniversary, sympathy, christmas card lists and “On My List” Book reading list.
  • Create one box labeled “In-Box.” When you invest in a brand new little bit of paperwork or information, install it directly in this box.
  • Make this a priority at work:  processing the contents of your In-Box the initial order of NOW and NOT NOW.

However some probably won’t think such files are essential, to get a adult with ADHD, organizing these products can definitely aid in creating a sense of order.

ADHD Help with Scheduling, Planning and Reminders Made Easy
Think about intentionally on is revisiting these things daily–perhaps more than once per day.

  1. Your first task can be to clear out your In-Box. Every one of the bills, reminder notes and receipts you’re placing in here will be creating your schedule and reminders. The entire plan may go wrong if you don’t set this as being a priority.
  2. Creating and maintaining an agenda will externalize your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly reminders. Many adults with ADHD find that their personal computer program or smart phone can be useful; others like to utilize a paper calendar. Try out both to see which feels most comfortable for you personally.
  3. Utilize a centralized bulletin board to write important reminders and important information to consult frequently.
  4. Smart Phone – use email calendar that is synced with your phone to constantly remind you everything…

Along with having multiple tools for helping people with ADHD get organized, it is even more important to have people around you – supportive people – that understand as much about you as possible. This way, they can help you maximize your brains power; they become less and less frustrated.

Author: Eric Etka

Adhd Natural Cures