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Hot ADHD Debate in Richmond Va

The pressure is building within the ADHD community and society who is on the outside looking in. This blog gives the bullet points of an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking Video Podcast that Dr. Eric Etka did with RVAreal.tv –


  • Has ADHD has been labeled a disorder syndrome, problem creator in society?
  • Can people with ADHD leave a wake of destruction and very exasperated people around them?
  • How many kids have been labeled as problems, nuisance, disturbed, special needs?
  • How many kids have been abused because they have the traits of ADHD (misunderstood)wake-up-productive


1.Increase stress in house and family

2.Can be destructive and careless

3.Getting distracted easily

4.Hard to handle emotional ups and downs

5.Casting blame – not taking responsibility

6.Low self esteem

7.Disturbing classroom or work

8.Can be embarrassing in public

9.Adds to the tension in relationships

10.Follow through is below average


  • Medication can help OR worsen the problem, no one knows which medication will work for each person, so it’s really a game of brain chemical Russian roulette.
  • The internet is filled with anecdotal, living room stories, guesses, and finger-pointing.adhd richmond va


  • Most people are focused on the negative attributes.
  • Wrong Approach with Drugs and Control.
  • Parents, adults and kids – need a tried and true way of understanding, containing and redirecting the enormous brain energy that comes WITH having the traits of an ADHD Brain.


  • Understanding ADD/ADHD
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Medication Discussion
  • Exercises For Home & School
  • Limit Destructive Behavior
  • Reduce Stress On Your Relationship
  • Connecting With Emotions
  • Focusing On Purpose
  • Awareness Of Patterns
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Overcome Self-Doubt
  • Empower THEMadhd richmond va



Entrepreneur With ADHD


Not until the last several years have I really realized how much my personal ADHD ruled my world. The lens of being an entrepreneur with ADHD, through which I see the world is colored by impulsivity, distractibility, and ridiculous amounts of energy. But, through it all, I’ve always known that there was something awesome about being incredibly productive when something interested me or I was passionate about it.

An entrepreneur with ADHD has enormous potential to make things happen. Whether it is positive or negative impact is determined by several variables. I’ve found that proactively deciding ahead of time that I’m going to set aside special time when I get ot ONLY do something that I’m passionate about, actually makes me even more excited to get started.

The concept of ‘blocking time’ was revealed to me by a past mentor of mine Dr. Ben Lerner. In the Chiropractic world, this guy is a friggin legend. He is one of those guys that is the mentors to other mentors, if you catch my drift. He called this process ‘creating double yellow lines” in your life for what’s important. (similar to Covey’s performance of putting whats most important in your life FIRST) Double yellow lines meant that nothing crosses over into my lane and no one crosses over into mine. Simply put, Ben taught me to separate hours of the day into categories; author, doctor, father, husband, athlete, friend, son, mentor, coach, etc. These times allowed for only focused energy into these categories. This is incredibly valuable for an entrepreneur with ADHD.

I want you to understand that there is a difference between tasks and objectives. Important to understand that sometimes the objectives that have been met – by doing the tasks themselves – then becomes a task… merely a stepping stone in the process, but it had to be achieve to get to the next level. When is a goal is set, and there are several steps to accomplishing it, there are multiple objectives, that eventually become tasks leading to the – one real main objective. Here’s an example: the tasks of completing finding , contacting, and meeting face to face with nurses in the area schools, regarding our ADHD program in the Chiropractic office. The objective was to create alliances in the community to help more children, adults, and parents with ADHD. So, now that we accomplished that – then it becomes a task, because the real objective is to get new lcients in the door with credit card in hand, right?

Setting aside time to accomplish a set of tasks towards a specific objective isn’t as new concept. But, let’s take it a step forward and add into the mix several amazing insights.

I want you to put together “The 80/20 Principle”, with “The Parkinsons Law”, “Turning Tasks into Habits”, twirled into “Turbo Time”, with a dash of “Brilliant Time”.

Here’s the recipe,

  1. discover when your brain is at its best,
  2. figure out what’s the few most powerful things to get done
  3. that will cause the most progress  – in the shortest amount of time
  4. carve out special time in the day
  5. insert habits that cause these tasks to make the objective inevitable.


Entrepreneur With ADHD

Did You Say That All Entrepreneurs Have ADD? – See For Yourself…

Entrepreneurs And ADD

It’s been said many times before that entrepreneurs and ADD are synonymous. I can attest to the fact that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well because of ADD. In fact, Dr. Shane Perrault, of The ADHD Performance Center, told me that its redundant to say both in the same sentence.  People ask me, “You don’t have ADHD, do you? You’re so productive, your balanced, and you seem like you’ve got everything together…” My answer is a resounding “Absolutely, I have ADHD, that’s how I CAN BE so productive, balanced, intuitive, successful, and CAN keep everything together”. But before I was introduced to the SHINE Program, created by Dr. Hallowell, my life was ruled by a power that was insurmountable. He has even said himself on stage that entrepreneurs and ADD are one in the same, with the greatest chance of being successful.entrepreneurs and ADD

As entrepreneurs, we are a special group of people that have inherent traits that are fantastic when they are focused, supported, and proactively understood. We can be incredibly creative, curious, and energetic; which usually makes us terrible employees. The adage about ‘thinking outside the box’ is our life, which means that the majority of the time, entrepreneurs aren’t following logical linear process. Can you imagine how in the world someone got into a boat to sail away from safety on a flat Earth? Or decided that they wanted to build the spaceship, not be the astronaut.

The three hallmarks of ADD are Impulsivity, Distractibility, and Hyperactivity. Typically, these are very destructive forces within someone’s life. But with the correct processes, they can all be handled correctly and bring about incredibly massive amounts of power and success. In the SHINE program, we work with clients to bring those three usually destructive traits and turn them into Creativity, Curiosity, and Energy – ridiculous amounts of energy. Are you beginning to see how this can help entrepreneurs?

So , do you want to know how to help entrepreneurs and ADD? Good, here goes, first understand that his is not a brain that functions as linearly as others. So let’s just start by asking certain questions and creating purposeful answers to each one  :

  1. What is the current unwanted circumstance? What results do you really want and need? By When, How will you measure the results?
  2. Name two or more vital behaviors that will lead to the greatest amount of change.
  3. How will you influence those key behaviors?
    1. What is your personal motivation plan? – How CAN OTHERS help you keep your own integrity engaged in these vital behaviors?
    2. What is your personal ability plan? How CAN OTHERS help you increase your ability to do the most vital behaviors in the most challenging moents?
    3. What is your social media influence plan? Who has the most influence that you know can help you? What needs to be established in order for them to HELP YOU influence change? How will you influence these influencers?
    4. What is your structural motivation plan? What is the most motivating emotion or outcome for you? What incentives can you put in place to rocket-boost the change?
    5. What is your structural ability plan? How can you create the environment around you in order to repeat the best behaviors? How can you make the best behaviors easier, and the dysfunctional behaviors harder?

Remember that as, people with traits of ADD, There are three main things that need to be present when we are facing people, places or things that need to be accomplished. Structure Novelty, and Motivation.. get ot work on the above answer and I look forward to hearing your comments below..

Author: Eric Etka


Entrepreneurs And ADD