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ADHD Natural Doctor

Going through school, Dr. Etka felt different.  Starting at an early age his teachers labeled him as talkative, a ‘dreamer’, too outgoing, energetic, lack of follow through, couldn’t complete tasks on time, etc.  He was placed on several different types of medication to ‘fix’ those ‘problems’; which led to a rollercoaster of experiences.

ADHD Natural Doctor In 1994 Dr. Etka read a book by Dr. Hallowell, Driven to Distraction; which changed his life forever.  Recognizing himself as a gifted person with ADHD; Dr. Etka has become an ADHD Natural Doctor; working diligently to find other ways besides brain chemical changing medication to unwrap the gifts of having the traits of ADHD.  Fast forward twenty years, Dr. Etka has partnered with Dr. Hallowell in bringing the first multi-discipline natural approach to solving the puzzle of ADHD.

Presently, Dr. Etka is an enthusiastic wellness and fitness advocate.  His care involves a lot of the same things he has done himself to stay young, healthy, and full of energy.  He has experienced consistent success working directly with elite athletes and thousands of other people, like you, who enjoy regular fitness and an active lifestyle.

He is an avid extreme athlete, including triathlons, surfing, mountain biking, and trail running.  Dr. Etka graduated from ODU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine, followed by a Doctorate from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Etka has received much recognition during his 13 year career including awards for his Commitment to Chiropractic Excellence, Excellence in Patient Education and Communication, as well as, being a Certified Maximized Living Mentor.

There isn’t another ADHD Natural Doctor that can bring you more experience, combined with knowledge and passion to help people harness their ADD/ADHD and regain their life.

When you’re ready for Richmond Magazine’s “Top Doc” for Children’s Behavioral Health to be your ADHD Natural Doctor



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ADHD Natural Doctor


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