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4 Easy Ways to Help ADHD Parents in Richmond Va

Since the videocast went live last month with where I explained everything I could, in one hour, about helping people with ADHD – my inbox has been red hot with teachers and parents asking for guidance on tips for ADHD and ways to handle the ADHD better.

As you keep reading, you’re going to learn 4 very important concepts in helping ADHD to become more manageable.

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    1. Understanding ADD/ADHD
    2. Nutrition Strategies
    3. Medication Discussion
    4. Exercises For Home & School
    5. Limit Destructive Behavior
    6. Reduce Stress On Your Relationship                              
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Although the majority of us have been through grade school, we were never taught how to listen or how to communicate effectively. Sad, but true. On top of that we, as humans, typically focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s going right.

I enjoy helping people and want you to get results in advance. So, let’s go through four things that happen to start with the letter “C”.

Tuesday Dec 1st @ 7p Glen Allen Library I am going to show you how you can accomplish all of these and more –

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adhd help tips

Here are 4 skills to improve ADHD in your home:

1. Communication – this isn’t just speaking so you can be heard. What I’m talking about is communicating information to another person in a way that the other person can receive it properly and communicate back to you the correct main information.

2. Capability – learning is a lifelong endeavor. Being a parent is the most important stewardship on the planet. SO why is it that the vast majority of parents have not had any formal training in ‘correct parenting’ that is up with the times?

3. Confidence – being a involved with someone who has ADHD can be downright exhausting. Exhausted and frustrated humans find it hard to be confident. Some people throw in the towel altogether.

4. Courage – finding a way through to the other side means facing uncertainty while pushing through with the ‘capability’ that you do have. I’ve met clients who  figuratively borrow my belief in them to make it through some very hard times. Eventually they begin to believe in themselves and their lives are never the same.

I believe in delivering value. Hopefully, by reading those 4 ways to help, then you will take action on them.

Tuesday Dec 1st at 7pm @ Glen Allen Library I am going to show you how you can accomplish all of these and more. adhd help tips

If you’re only interested in the videocast with then click the picture belowadhd richmond va

Changing the Future of ADHD Treatment

Whether you want to face it or not, you must admit that the increased use of medication in America for ADHD symptoms has become outrageous. I stand for the drug freedom ADHD lifestyle. Of course that brings with it untold amounts of support for AND against the position of The ADHD Society. The vision we see of the future of ADHD is one I which people with the traits of ADD/ADHD are revered, encouraged, and supported for their powerful brains.adhd-girls-add

For this to happen, there are several major advancements that need to occur:

  1. Educational systems that strengthen and support ADHD-type thinkers and doers.

This does not limit to the public schools, it is open to any educational system which exists or will be created. We’ve seen a huge boom in home schooling and private school attendance. This may be due in part to the inability of teachers to ‘handle’ students with ADHD. The ADHD Society wants educational systems to be elevated to the level of edifying the brain of ADHD. This is a far cry from having a school that will ‘agree to take the kid with ADHD.’ This will involve new training, understanding, and maturity in educators to be able and willing to build the ability within the ADHD brain. We are amazing problem solvers and solution oriented thinkers when we are in a supportive environment.praise-a-child-wordle

  1. Less drugs being incorrectly prescribed or experimented on our brains.

It is well known that America takes a ridiculous amount of prescription medication for ADD/ADHD compared to the rest of the planet. In the last few years research has been completed in Europe that is showing promising results that are pointing to the fallacy of the chemical imbalance theory of ADHD. Although it’s possible that medication may be needed for a very small percentage of people with ADHD, there’s no way that millions of humans need to on so many different versions of ADHD prescriptions. Advancements in behavior modification, nutrition, neurofeedback, cognitive and vestibular exercises have created amazing drug free results.kid-brain

  1. People growing up with self-esteem instead of being branded a problem.

The stigma of ADHD being a disorder has all but destroyed many humans. Carrying fear, shame and guilt from being branded a problem, nuisance, or problem has suppressed many people with ADHD. Yes, we’re different, and society order is threatened by that. The ADHD brain thinks faster, more creatively, full of curiosity and energy. The mold that society would like for us to fit into cannot contain us; there will be a revolution that creates a new design in which our powerful brains can thrive.

  1. Change the drug abuse, and alcoholism, and addiction that is so prevalent with ADHD.

Studies are reporting that 50% of people with ADD/ADHD become alcoholics or addicts. That’s only what’s reported; meaning there are definitely more. Being different, thinking different, causing problems, and being told all the negative things that we hear growing up leads to self-medication. Any amount of change that occurs with this particular issue will help so many people on the levels of country, state, city, and within the homes and relationships of those with ADD/ADHD.

  • If you’ve read his far, then you have a strong interest in this situation – and I want you to leave a comment below please.adhdrva-getaccessgirls-whispering


Nutrition Hacks for ADHD

The ADHD Society blog bannerThere is so much hype on the internet about nutrition and ADD/ADHD. I see so many adults and parents telling each other on social media about food additives, artificial stuff, vitamins, oils, supplements, meat vs. vegan, special liquids vs water; all the while missing the most important part.girls-whispering

I am currently in over 20 separate groups on Facebook for ADHD – different countries, ages, genders, censored and not censored, some are pro medication, others abhor prescriptions like they’re the devil.

I read and follow many chat rooms and discussion boards and here’s what I see. The blind leading the blind. It’s rare that someone with credentials, working knowledge of human science, and whom currently is helping clients successfully; is speaking up.

Remember that I’m a board-certified Dr, with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Along with awards for my work in both Chiropractic and natural ADHD care.

Do you ever get caught up in information overload with al the stuff flying around the internet? How about I clean things up for you and bring clarity to the whole situation.

Concept of Better Choices.1456693_10152083587505977_1803238107_n

Picture a meter in front of you that measures bad to good – left to right. Actually let’s make it more obvious and say the meter measures toxic to vitalicious. You get my point right?

Throw in there that you are dealing with a person who may have texture, taste, and or food allergies.

Combined with a brain that loves change when they want it and are ready and willing to experience the change. That is a very important concept if you read it and let it sink in.

The key ingredient many people are missing is such a hard thing for people to grasp because they are always looking for new ways to do things before they’ve actually correctly done the first thing they learned.

Of course, marketing doesn’t help either, because the major food companies know how to market to your weaknesses. It’s an unfair advantage that most people are unaware of while they are being marketed to on a daily basis.

When it comes to putting food in your mouth, I want you to understand that it’s more than just a feeling of being full that you need to be going after. It’s more than just what tastes yummy or what Social Sally said on Twitter. Everyone is a unique individual whose body is an amazing physiologic marvel.

Going back to the meter that determines the goodness of food in your body system – let’s agree that every food group and category has choices amongst them that run the gamut of this meter. The goal of becoming as clean inside as possible for the brain to work efficiently becomes easy using this idea.adhd for teachers

Remember that we are to make progress each day, not go for broke and try to change everything at once. Now we can create the understanding of making better choices each day, as opposed to the scary idea of changing many aspects all at once – which typically doesn’t work for many people.

Using science and human physiology, we know that 4 particular foods cause inflammation in the human body. The foods are red meat, dairy, grains, and sugar. Tested, proven, no discussion needed. Now – within those 4 categories, there are obviously good choices and bad choices. Corned beef all the way to cold ocean mackerel. The dairy section, I’m here to tell you that the human body functions more optimally with no cow inside the digestive system. There are many ways to get natural calcium from vegetables, and you can get iron from other foods as well. One other thing, for some reason many people think that eggs are dairy; simply not possible for cows to lay eggs.

When it comes to grains, we want to pay attention to label reading and beware of words like wheat flour, white flour, and bleached flour. Avoid confusion in the bread aisle by choosing foods that say they’re “100 percent whole grain” — that label ensures that the product contains no refined flours.

Lastly, but possibly the most important is sugar. Since you’ve been reading this far, then you’re ahead of many people who give up when I tell them to get rid of dairy, so give yourself a pat on the back. Please put on your thinking cap for this short technical discussion. Sugar is chemically called the glucose molecule. The mammal brain use glucose for energy. Many molecules chained together is called a carbohydrate. There are many forms of carbs, ranging from doughy breads and pasta to organic vegetables. For this short article let’s place more emphasis on you eating more healthy carbohydrates – whole grain pastas and many more vegetables.

The subject of nutrition takes volumes of pages to cover; my hope is to get you fundamentals that you can easily understand and start making better choices.tas-flyer

ADHD in Boys – Call to Action for Fathers

Are you ready for some straight talk about Father Son Relationships?I’m going to go on record and say that the most important thing about boys is the relationship between a father and son. It’s inarguable. It’s futile to debate. Although I’m sure that there are rare occurrences when a boy does become an awful adult ‘menace to society’; who grew up near a genuinely loving father. But, I sincerely doubt it. ( I’m not even getting into the percentage rates of fatherless homes in America. ) I want to create an awareness to the dads who are IN THEIR SON’S LIFE.adhd-father-son

Generations ago, boys were raised in a circle of men. For good reason. Stories and skills were taught to bring up the boy into a well-functioning strong member of society. These boys became young men who were connected to their fathers and father figures. In the past, young men matured into respectable leaders in society; a far cry from the sitcom dads that are present today. It’s becoming more apparent that the father has more to do with a boy’s self-esteem than any other family member.

If I just struck a chord, then I’m doing my job. It’s insidious. How in the world did we go from a strong male led society to being the butt of jokes on sitcoms. Think about it, how did that stereotype even emerge? I’m sure that there are lots of reasons, but I don’t care. It simply needs to be faced, conquered and changed.adhd-son-father-argue

Anyone past puberty can be a father.

Being a dad is completely different.

Being a role model is the next level.

( I’ve made my own mistakes, yes, I’m not perfect, but I’m constantly striving to connect deeply and be an active positive force in my sons’ lives. )

Men, let’s get serious about connecting with our sons. Connecting in a way that they have a strongly positive bond with you that is based on respect, not gifts, not obedience, not fear, but respect. Something that I learned while being around my boys is to point out the ways that you are loving them. It’s not always obvious that what you are physically doing is you actively loving them.adhd-father-son1

[ Disclaimer: Men, if you’re one of the few, who none of this applies to you, then connect with me, because I’d love to build a strong group of excellent role models. I know there are fathers who strive to have great relationships and the boys still have trouble. This blog post simply shines light on the contrast you’ve created. 🙂 And I’ve really enjoy meeting the super dads who are out there. ]

Men, fix the lens that you see your sons through to view a growing young man who will make mistakes. And know that they will do more of what they see than what they hear.

Men, hug your sons. Be genuinely affectionate with them. A loving fathers arm around a kid means security, safety, and shows them that you are there to protect and love them.

Men, live a life that follows principles of health. Physical, Emotional, Financial Health.

Remember that Love is Verb. It’s an action word first. Before the feeling of Love.

I know that there are a lot of religious organizations that profess to be helping with this; if that’s where you want to start, then go for it. Typically I think that’s the first place males begin to realize that there is more to their role on this planet.adhd-son-father

As a father, be aware that your relationship with your own Father impacts your behaviors and thoughts. You know it does. Acknowledge that relationship, build on the positive lessons learned, scrutinize the dysfunctional parts, and make any necessary changes that you need to for your own son. Just because “that’s the way my father did it” doesn’t mean it was correct or helpful.

Okay. Are you ready for this part? The reason this is on an ADHD blog. If you, the father, has ADD/ADHD, then you need to handle that as completely as possible. Your actions, words, and mental status is affecting your sons more than you could see from your unhealthy perspective. Once you’ve swallowed that hard pill; we can move to the next part.

I’m going on record to say that the majority of kids suffering with ADHD have awful relationships with their fathers. “Suffering” meaning the boys can’t get a hold of their own impulsivity, their distractibility, their erratic behavior, and the worst part is that their self-esteem is very low. “Majority” being over 50%. Now that that’s clear. You want to know how I know this?

I have helped over a hundred patients get their lives back WITH their ADD/ADHD. Many of them males. And they tell me. With tears in their eyes. When they wrap their arms around me crying for someone to believe in them again. Sobbing to become worthy again.hallowell hug

When is the last time you looked in your sons eyes with loving proud tears of joy that he is your amazing son, knowing that he has a clinical condition, not just bad behavior?

In keeping track over the last few years, there is an honest to God connection. I’m not saying that ADHD is caused by bad parenting or un-loving dads. I AM SAYING that it’s made worse. Much worse.

SO, how do we propose we fix this issue? I’d love to hear your views in the comments below.



Entrepreneurs with ADHD – Getting Rid of Fear

Entrepreneurs With ADHD

The ADD Brain is very powerful, when it is free of illusions of the true nature of the person whom possesses that brain. So many times we have been in school, at home, or work – and been pointed out as “the (____ place negative term here)” . This doesn’t happen just a few times, we’re talking thousands, countless, amount of occurrences. Even with a ‘normal thinker, this negative programming can be hard to bear. Entrepreneurs with ADD have incredible imaginations; making negative programming extremely powerful.

There is a theory that the ADD Brain functions dysfunctionally in direct relation to the perspective – that is colored by the amount fear shame and guilt that the person is internalizing. (the majority of the world is ‘sold’ on the Germ Theory, so let’s accept this ADD Dysfunctional theory as fact..) Let me make that clearer, entrepreneurs with ADHD can be incredibly constructive and destructive, based on the amount of personal fear, shame, or guilt they carry.

entrepreneurs with ADHDThat fact, combined with the newer understanding that “thoughts become things” (Mike Dooley), in addition to the power of thought to change the environment (The Intention Experiment) , creates a very strong force that can be extremely destructive; one in which the person wielding the power has no idea that they are even the cause of it [I hope I didn’t lose you there – because this becomes a very important foundation for changing your ADD gifted brain]

Okay, let’s reel all that back into the present tangible quantitative ‘in the palm of your hands’ reality. Let’s tackle this thing called Fear, once and for all. Fear is fantastic. Fear keeps you from doing lots of things that you CAN do, but it can also push you to do things that you never thought possible. Because it is in your mind, and the chemicals it produces cause all kinds of actions and reactions. Scientific fact – when your ‘fight or flight’ response is kicked in from your nervous system, ALL your senses become more enhanced. Yes, absolute total fact. Visual, hearing, tactile, smell… at the highest level needed for the situation. Guess what? Who controls your mind? – YOU DO.. so this Fear thing is completely under your control (once you are aware, recognize and train yourself).

PERSONAL STORY – I was born in calif, raised for awhile in Hawaii, before my father got Navy orders to move us to Connecticut.. my point is – I am a serious ocean person, growing up in huge waves, also while vacationing in Outer Banks. Even as a small child I would go way out in the water to catch the biggest waves possible (that’s the risk taking high stimulus seeking behavior ADDr’s are known for) – BUT, when I was in my 20’s I was surfing in the water at Rodanthe Pier the morning that Hurricane Bertha was coming on shore [god’s honest truth] gorgeous giant enormous waves, because of the storm sucking the wind from the land onto the water, big gaping barrels; very dangerous as well.<i><i>entrepreneurs with adhd</i></i>

I paddled into a wave that reminded me of a Surfer Magazine cover, and something gripped my heart and chest – Fear.. and I backed out of this beautiful monster.. within minutes the wind switched and the ocean became an enormous giant washing machine… that ended that day.. fast forward decade later Hurricane Bill hits the east coast, so I drive down to the coast; that makes sense to most entrepreneurs with adhd.

Waves so big that they were blocking out the sun as I paddled through the onslaught of the biggest waves I can remember ever surfing.. punching through the impact zone, I made it far enough out to not get pounded, I lined my self up with an enormous mother of a wave and started to paddle for it; again I felt that gripping paralyzing thing in my chest.. “geezus, what the hell is that? Oh my god, that’s FEAR.. haha, oh yeah, bring it on, you can’t hurt me, you’re in my head, Im going to turn you around to help me catch the biggest.. let’s go for it, give me all the adrenaline I need, we’re paddling out farther..” and I did, and with my heart pounding and senses completely jacked on fire, I paddled into a wave that almost made me scream and cry like a baby – hopping to my feet and flew down the face, my legs straining to make the bottom turn, I reached down to grab the rail of the board, crouched down and watched down the wave as it yawned up and roared the most wonderful sound of natural primal energy you could ever imagine… my scared, fear instantly turned into screams and hollers from myself, people, on the beach, others paddling out, and out in the water… I think the smile on my face broke my jaw… 😀

This experience has helped me to understand the feeling of fear, and when I need to heed it’s warning or when I can turn it around to help me accomplish something that once thought was unattainable. I pass this onto my children daily..

God-WithinWhen you get scared remind yourself of the skills that you do possess to handle the situation. In the surfing story… I can swim, I can surf, my board was solid, I can hold my breath under water, there is no coral reef below, water doesn’t hurt me, so why not go for it… Gymnastic coaches use this all the time with their athletes when they are scared to do a new routine.. They ask the athlete how confident in each of the basic skills that go into each trick.. and acknowledge the fear, and then do it while they are scared, because they can already do everything else that is required to perform the routine..

Facing your own internal notions of fear will take us into areas of our minds that we may believe are very real to us. That’s fine, I understand, but you have to understand that it’s only that way because YOU have made it that way.

Here’s the disclaimer – when you begin to ask yourself about the skills that you have to complete something that you’re afraid of – and you honestly don’t have the skills – GO GET THEM. Learn, Train, research, find a way to get that skill.. Anyone can learn new skills. If they allow themselves to.

Lets clear this up… because you may think that I’m making this easier than you may think at the moment..

  1. Understand that fear is only a set of chemicals caused by the thoughts in your mind
  2. Ask yourself “why am I feeling this, what am I ‘really’ afraid of?
  3. List all requirements to accomplish the thing your afraid of..
  4. Acknowledge your own skills, talents, and assets, and ask others for help you need to
  5. Determine if you can perform those skills while you are scared.. (called brave)
  6. Remember that you have created the stifling fear in YOUR head.
  7. Now , take a deep breath, and go do it.. NOW.

This works, I promise. I have been able to face more things in the last 12 months that I used to be scared as hell to do. The most important being the real truth why I had relapsed so many times back into drugs and alcohol. No more of that.. Then the next biggest thing is the ability to have a relationship with my sons mother. I can honestly tell you that I think I held my breath the entire first 5 minute conversation we had after not speaking for 5 years.. Now we talk daily, help each other in other areas of our lives, co-parent amazingly, and have four sons that are very comfortable being around both of us.

So, yes, this works. And I’m going to look forward to the stories that come from the readers of this blog.


author: Eric Etka

Entrepreneurs With ADHD