“ADHD Rescue System”

Adhd Rescue System

ADHD in Richmond Va is becoming more important to understand than ever before. Pediatricians have begun sending children to our offices for ADHD Natural Cures. The ADHD Rescue System is a program created by Dr. Eric Etka to help parents, adults, and children with problems associated with ADHD Richmond Va.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or attention deficit disorder (ADD) can be confusing medical terms that sound a bit scary when you hear them for the first time. But don’t be alarmed, because when you begin to understand what ADHD is and when you learn to manage this trait, ADHD can become a major asset in your life.
The terms ADD/ADHD, refer to a ‘syndrome’ found in both children and adults, which is characterized by distractibility, impulsivity, restlessness and/or hyperactivity. When managed properly, it can become a gift in one’s life. Having ADHD is like having a powerful race car for a brain, which is inappropriately equipped with bicycle brakes. The treatment for ADHD involves strengthening those bicycle brakes–so you can start winning the races in your life.

adhd rescue systemThe ADHD Rescue System, developed by Dr. Eric Etka, is a natural “strength-based” approach to dealing with ADHD. The traditional, deficit-based model only addresses the defects and distresses ADHD can create in a person’s life. By identifying and focusing on a person’s strengths and talents, in addition to implementing strategies to manage their challenges, patients CAN achieve a more superior outcome. One of the great appeals to helping those who have ADHD discover their talents and help gain back their self-esteem, is how life changing this process can be for people. This is because left undiagnosed, and unaddressed, ADHD can all but destroy a person. The ADHD Rescue System can truly rescue a person from despair.

In my work as the chiropractor who support ADHD Rescue cases, I see myslef, not as a doctor who treat a disability, but rather as a mentor, a role model, an experienced ADHD Coach – who helps people, adults and children alike, identify, develop, and celebrate their talents. That’s why I love to help with these cases!

I work with parents, adults, and kids to identify the amazing talents they possess; as well as helping them to recognize the obstacles they may face. I make this program a unique healing and growing experience that  changes lives. We work together with the children and their family, in order to help them develop strategies at home, work, and school that focus on concrete, positive change.

The ADHD Rescue System for ADHD Richmond Va –  is extremely comprehensive and provides exactly what you will need in order to develop a very strong foundation for continued progress with your ADD/ADHD.

The following is the general structure of the 6 month intensive program:

1. In depth Evaluations of Challenges including:

a. Home and School and Relationships

b. Digestive and Neurological Indications

c. Brain HemiSphere Dominance

d. Medication Efficacy and Outlook

2. Nervous System and Biomechanics (every 8th visit we do re-evaluation)

3. Nutritional Counseling – bi weekly review of food journal kept by the client to be analyzed for needs of change. While writing the nutritional intake, the client is to be aware of their feelings and physiology as the write the words of the food. This is important to access what is actually a strong food for you, or a weakening one. We are looking for progress here, not perfection.

4. Special BioMechanics & Neurological Exercises – as discussed in presentation – there are a multitude of physical movement based exercises that create stronger connections between the weaker hemispheres, the brain’s balance center, and improve core strength as well as focus and self-esteem. These exercises are not ‘one size fits all’ – they will be tailored to the client based on ability, proficiency, and compliance.

5. Home Exercises – the client needs a new balance board, or therapy ball, or foam roller, or physical product that the Dr deems helpful for the client.

6. ADHD Coaching – gain insight into the brain of a highly functioning person with ADHD. Combining years of health coaching, research study, and ADHD seminars; Dr Etka will shorten the learning curve to getting you the results you desire.

7. Supplements – Whole food vitamins covering the needs of a person with ADD/ADHD will be supplied to the client – for the 3 month intensive phase of the program. I am constantly searching for the best formulas and synergy with excellent quality vitamins.

Dr. Ned Hallowell says, “ADD is like having a Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes.” Can you imagine transforming one of your most significant challenges in life into one of the most profound opportunities for growth, success, and personal development? This is what the strength-based ADHD Rescue System has the potential to offer you. By combining the best practices of Neurological, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition with our specific Chiropractic techniques, we can help your child begin to use this trait as a resource to do wonderful things in life. On this journey, as this process begins to unfold, there will be many challenges; “ups and downs”. This is par for the course. Rest assured that you now have, in us, another member on your team who can support your child and your entire family.

It is our mission to help your child, you, and anyone else who battles with ADHD/ADD each day of their lives. Together, everything becomes possible and it would be our honor to work with your child in order to RESCUE THEM!

Going through school, Dr. Etka felt different. Starting at an early age his teachers labeled him as talkative, a ‘dreamer’, too outgoing, energetic, lack of follow through, couldn’t complete tasks on-time, etc. He was placed on several different types of medication to ‘fix’ those ‘problems’; which led to a rollercoaster of experiences.

In 1992 Dr. Etka read a book by Dr Hallowell, Driven to Distraction; which changed his life forever. Recognizing himself as a gifted person with ADHD; Dr. Etka has been working diligently to find other ways besides brain chemical changing medication to unwrap the gifts of having the traits of ADHD. Fast forward twenty years, Dr. Etka has partnered with Dr. Hallowell in bringing the first multi-discipline natural approach to solving the puzzle of ADHD.

The original program designed by Dr. Hallowell was called “SHINE” – Special Help Integrating the Neurological Experience. While becoming certified in the SHINE Protocol, Dr. Etka has personally revolutionized his own life. While his passion for helping people with ADHD grew, and he studied more and more, Dr. Etka has created what is known as “The ADHD Rescue System”.

The ADHD Rescue System is an ever-evolving treatment program that brings together the ease of online accessibility, along with real-world face to face help from someone who is using the system to revolutionize his own life with ADHD.

Presently, Dr. Etka is an enthusiastic wellness and fitness advocate. His care involves a lot of the same things he has done himself to stay young, healthy, and full of energy. He has experienced consistent success working directly with elite athletes and thousands of other people, like you, who enjoy regular fitness and an active lifestyle.

He is an avid extreme athlete, including triathlons, surfing, mountain biking, and trail running. Dr. Etka graduated from ODU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine, followed by a Doctorate from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas , Texas . Dr. Etka has received much recognition during his 13 year career including awards for his Commitment to Chiropractic Excellence, Excellence in Patient Education and Communication, as well as, being a Certified Maximized Living Mentor.

The ADHD Rescue System is a life altering program for your entire family and we require that each parent attend an orientation session prior to engaging in the program. This is an important step and the entire family needs to become familiar with the specifics of the ADHD Rescue System, helping to achieve the successful outcome that all of us desire for your child.

Dr. Etka maintains a busy practice near Richmond Va.


He also has a online radio show “Unwrapping the Gifts of ADHD”




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Adhd Rescue System

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