The ADHD Society Vision

Whether you want to face it or not, you must admit that the increased use of medication in America for ADHD symptoms has become outrageous. I stand for the drug freedom ADHD lifestyle. Of course, that brings with it untold amounts of support for – and against the position of The ADHD Society.

The vision we see of the future of ADHD is one in which people with the traits of ADD/ADHD are revered, encouraged, and supported for their powerful brains. For this to happen, there are several major advancements that need to occur.

We envision creating new educational systems that strengthen and adhd-support-group-logosupport ADHD-type thinkers and doers.

This does not limit to the public schools; it is open to any educational system which exists or will be created. We’ve seen a huge boom in home schooling and private school attendance. This may be due in part to the inability of teachers to ‘handle’ students with ADHD.

The ADHD Society wants educational systems to be elevated to the level of edifying the brain of ADHD. This is a far cry from having a school that will ‘agree to take the kid with ADHD.’ This will involve new training, understanding, and maturity in educators to be able and willing to build the ability within the ADHD brain.

We are amazing problem solvers and solution oriented thinkers when we are in a supportive environment. Certified teachers for ADHD students will pave the way for a future of the support of ADHD students.

Look forward to future with less drugs being incorrectly prescribed or experimented on our brains.mercedes_passion-72dpi

It is well known that America takes a ridiculous amount of prescription medication for ADD/ADHD compared to the rest of the planet. What’s even more appalling is the radical growth of sales of ADHD medications on a global scale.

In the last few years’ research has been completed in Europe that is showing promising results that are pointing to the fallacy of the chemical imbalance theory of ADHD. Although it’s possible that medication may be needed for a very small percentage of people with ADHD, there’s no way that millions of humans need to be on so many different versions of ADHD prescriptions. Advancements in behavior modification, nutrition, neurofeedback, cognitive and vestibular exercises have created amazing drug free results.

Can you imagine a world with people growing up with self-esteem rather than being branded a problem or nuisance?adhd for teachers

The stigma of ADHD being a disorder has been the most misunderstood confusing notion of all. Carrying fear, shame and guilt around from being branded a problem or nuisance has suppressed many people with ADHD. Yes, we’re different, and society order is threatened by that difference.

The ADHD Society believes that this type of brain thinks faster, more creatively; with strong curiosity and energy. The mold that society would like for us to fit into cannot contain us. There is revolution that creating a new design in which our powerful brains can thrive.

Change the drug abuse, and alcoholism, and addiction that is so prevalent with ADHD.F-adhd-zombie

Studies are reporting that a minimum of 50% of people with ADD/ADHD become alcoholics or addicts. That’s only what’s reported; meaning there are more. Being different, thinking different, causing problems, while being told the negative things while growing up; leads to self-medication. Any amount of change that occurs with this issue will help many people on the levels of country, state, city, and within the homes and relationships of those with ADD/ADHD.

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