Controversy: WebMD vs. Dr. Etka – Tips for Drug Side Effects

See if you think these controversial tips are as unhelpful as I do. This piece will be delivered as a mock debate. This article is being adapted from a specific article that is on

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Dr. Etka’s disclaimer – reading this article it became painfully obvious that the majority of ‘tips’ were nothing more than changing the medication delivery. Yes, there are a few natural attempts at helping, but I was struck by the complete focus on drugs being the only real solution. My mission has always been to stand up against that in my life and my client’s lives; standing up for finding a better more natural way. ( it is your job to make the decision to talk to your MD about your medications )

So, here are the WebMd tips vs. Dr. Etka tips:

WebMd – Decreased appetite: If your child’s appetite wanes after taking ADHD medicine, give the dose after breakfast so that he or she will eat better in the morning. Serve a large dinner in the evening, when the drug is beginning to wear off. Keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand; a balanced diet with nutritious, higher-calorie foods and drinks will help to offset any weight loss from the ADHD drug. If your child’s poor appetite lasts for a long period, ask the doctor about reducing the dose or stopping the drug on weekends or summer breaks to allow appetite to return to normal.adhd-sprt-grp-lil-logo

Dr. Etka – people are well aware of the loss of appetite and possible weight loss that comes with many ADHD meds. Throughout the day set up reminders for the patient to eat the healthy snacks, talk with teachers about allowing a special ‘snack’ time, immediately after school have food ready to eat or drink a smoothie that has protein. Without eating the blood sugar fluctuations cause brain trouble. Not to mention when the drugs wear off, which we’ll talk about below.

WebMd – Stomach pain or upset: Don’t give your child medicine on an empty stomach. “For any GI discomfort, taking the medication with or immediately after food will make a very big difference,” Pakyurek says.

Dr. Etka – This tip makes me chuckle. Since it is so obvious let’s take it a step further. There’s a growing amount of research evidence about the digestive system being different in people with ADHD. One in particular states “The study of more than 700,000 children found that constipation nearly tripled and fecal incontinence increased six-fold among kids with ADHD”. By adding digestive enzymes, we have found that patients begin to improve, along with keeping a food journal and charting their progress.

WebMd – Sleep problems: Set up a regular bedtime routine that includes relaxing activities, such as bathing or reading. If a stimulant type of ADHD medication prevents your child from sleeping well, ask the doctor about taking the drug earlier in the day or switching from a long-acting to a shorter-acting form . Ask, too, about reducing the dose or stopping the drug in the afternoon to help your child sleep at bedtime.adhd sleep trouble

Dr. Etka – I love the first sentence. The human body loves rhythm. Breathing, walking, heart beating, blinking, sleep cycles. Keeping a solid bedtime routine helps the body to fall asleep. Some people have used melatonin as a sleep aid. Melatonin is a chemical secreted by your brain during REM sleep. It’s important that we get it. It’s not so much a sleep aid, as it is a brain aid. If you have an essential oil diffuser, you can use lavender or a Serenity creating blend to help relax the person to fall asleep easier.

WebMd – Daytime drowsiness: If the ADHD drug atomoxetine (Strattera) is making your child sleepy during the day, ask about giving the drug at bedtime instead of in the morning. You can also check with the doctor about lowering the dose or dividing the dose and giving it twice a day.

Dr. Etka – Not a single MD knows which drug will work for which patient. Does this mean that the child can only be regulated with drugs, day and night? Seriously?! I was put on Strattera for a short time when I was in my late 20’s. I did not use it for long. I would definitely recommend talking to the Dr about this one. The ADHD Brain works very fast, it should not be falling asleep during the day. I do suggest taking breaks after hyper-focused work, maybe a nap, but this would be on purpose to rejuvenate, not because of drug weariness.

WebMd – Rebounding effects: When ADHD drugs wear off in the afternoon or evening, some children have more ADHD symptoms or irritability. To prevent this “rebounding,” ask your child’s doctor about using a longer-lasting medication or taking a small dose of fast-acting stimulant later in the day.

Dr. Etka – Again, the tips is to take more medication? Drugs can do 2 things, make something go up or make it go down. When it wears off, we are all aware of the wave of symptoms and uncontrolledness that happens. Plan ahead for this. Eat something 30 minutes before the time the drug typically wears off, and/or let the person be outside, or being active, not engaged in doing things that require a lot of mental effort or self-control. We don’t want to raise kids thinking they can only ‘Be’- by having chemicals inside them. That’s just asking for trouble.adhd for teachers

WebMd – Mood changes: Keep an eye out for changes in your child’s mood. If you see changes, such as lessened emotional expression or suicidal thinking, alert your child’s doctor right away.

Dr. Etka – ‘When’ not ‘if’. I’ve lost count of how many stories I’ve heard and dealt with concerning this issue. Talk to the person with ADHD, have them tell you what they feel, how they feel, and be very vigilant of their language and tone. As far as emotions go, it’s important to begin a program of improving their ability to handle emotions correctly and function in society.

WebMd – Heart problems: Since there have been rare reports of serious heart problems in patients taking ADHD drugs, tell your child’s doctor about any heart problems in the family. “If there’s any history of significant heart problems, the physician may closely monitor, particularly if they’re using stimulants. Or they may even decide to get an EKG to make sure that the child does not have any cardiac problem,” Pakyurek says.

Dr. Etka – The words ‘serious’ and ‘significant’ aren’t defined in this tip. That makes me nervous. I would have a conversation with the MD about what those terms mean. These drugs do change the hearts electrical activity – be sure of that.

Every month new alternative ways of handling ADD/ADHD are being incorporated into wellness minded solutions. Our ADHD Rescue program is on the fore-front of helping people get their lives back naturally. We use a special combination on Chiropractic, Physical/Cognitive/Auditory/Visual/Balance Exercises, Correct Personalized Nutrition, ADHD Coaching, Neurofeedback, Psychological Assessments, and the list is growing weekly.

the adhd society webnutrients


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ADHD Webinar – Help with Homework Projects and Tasks

Many people have been dealing with homework battles and trying to figure out how to get over procrastination with respect to projects and tasks.
Watch this 30 minute webinar and leave a comment below

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Richmond ADD ADHD & Special Needs Support Group

Every day people on social media are giving out advice to other struggling adults, parents, and kids. It drives me bonkers. I think that it’s unsafe. Some of it may actually be illegal; given compliance issues of America’s FDA. So I decided to do something about it. By creating a safe haven for people and families who are living their lives with someone who has a disability, special needs, ADD/ADHD, etc.adhd-sprt-grp-lil-logo You can join us THERE by clicking this Facebook event link

Lately there have been great strides made in laws and bills going through the judiciary process that are helping people with a disability. There are also changes being enacted with regards to IEP’s and 504 plans. Every day a new drug is being tested for children whose bodies and brains haven’t even completed growing yet. There is also ground-breaking research overseas that is showing promise with new understandings and possible helpful drug-free treatments for many people.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to see the breakthroughs. I want people to get better. But, I believe there is a better way to go about doing it.

I want to pave the way and bring together the families with trusted professionals, caregivers, school admin, scientists, researchers and lobbyists who have their best interests at heart. This may seem like a futile attempt, but we certainly won’t know until we try. As a cohesive team that cares about our family’s past, present, and future.tas-support-grp-logo-BIG

In the beginning, there will be kinks to work out; I’m sure of it. But the overall goal is to have a place in the real world where people can assemble and meet; made up of people with common experiences where people can give and receive emotional and practical support. Eventually, this can be bolstered by an online community with video-conferencing capability to bring the high-level guest speakers right into the palm of your hand.

As more and more people join, we may need to find a bigger space in Richmond, VA. My first idea is to bring a much of this online as possible – so that the planet can have access to what we’re creating.brain-research

But first, let’s get the structure and ground rules straight before we embark on this assembled journey.

Rules are simple:

  1. Respect everyone’s positive opinion in the community.
  2. Talk about your experiences – don’t tell others what to do.
  3. This is not a sales forum , it’s a safe place to explore & meet others.
  4. What you hear, who you see – HERE – stays here.
  5. You’re free to bring people with you – who will adhere to the rules.

Richmond Va is where I have been making enormous strides in helping bring people together for the greater good. I have always believed in serving and helping people. I am open to suggestion So please leave your comments below and I will be quick to respond to them and take them into consideration.

For more info Click the Richmond ADHD event LINK

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What’s a Worse Scam – Supplements or Medication?

Adults, parents and kids are doing whatever it takes to find a ‘cure’ for their ( _____ ). This has led to some good things and bad things. On one hand, it has caused humans to search for the truth, venture into wellness territory, also investigating claims, seeking out legitimate help and treatment. Then there are the throngs of people grasping at straws, taking advice of non-credentialed people on social media, throwing money at sham supplements and vitamins, and blindly taking their MD’s advice on which prescription cocktail the drug reps are pushing this month. And there you are… somewhere in the middle of it all, wondering what you’re supposed to do about it.adhd and emotions

Let me illuminate things for you. Munch on this fact – not a single MD knows which ADHD drug is going to work for which patient. Ask them to their face. Please do it.

Cheap supplement companies want your money and don’t care if what they’re selling actually contains what you think you’re buying. There are so many ways to prove this it’s inarguable. Especially when it comes to herbal supplements. Here’s an excellent post from a good friend of mine, Shawn Phillips, that really admonishes people to be smart and have common sense about what you’re spending your money on.

He and I think very alike, and we have both hinted at the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are behind a lot of the anti-vitamin messages and attacks. As he puts it so eloquently,

shawn phillips nutrition

Let’s focus on the topic of prescriptions for a moment. My colleague, the forefather of the perspective of ADHD being a gift, Dr. Edward Hallowell states on his website during an interview: hallowell-goodpic

“ Q: What advances in the field of medication have taken place since the original version of this book was published?

A: Hallowell: The most important point I’d like to stress is not new, but must be stressed because it is crucial. That is the primary importance of the psychology of medication. The response you get to any medication, ADD medications included of course, is partially determined by how you feel about taking the medication. To get the best response, you should want to take the medication, know that it is safe, like the doctor who is prescribing it, and feel hopeful for a positive result. The way to inculcate these feelings is for the doctor to take the time to educate the patient, and for the patient to take the time to ask all the questions he or she might have. A major reason that a medication fails to work is that the proper emotional conditions have not been created to give the medication its best chance of working well.

Having said that, several new medications have appeared. We professionals had high hopes for one of them, Strattera, because it is not a controlled substance, it does not have many of the side effects the stimulants have, and it did well in early clinical trials. Unfortunately, it has not proven to be as effective as we had hoped. While it is still a fine medication for treating ADD, it is a third or fourth choice.

The long-acting stimulants are now the mainstay of the medication treatment of ADD. These include the long-acting methylphenidate-based medications, like Concerta, Focalin XR, and Ritalin LA, as well as the amphetamine-based medications like Adderall XR and Vyvanse. You should work with your doctor until you find the right dose of the right medication that provides target-symptom relief with no side effects other than appetite suppression without weight loss. This can take some time to achieve, but it is worth taking that time. “ end of quote.

Seriously, did you understand what that meant? It means THE KIDS – need to want to take the medication, know that it is safe, “like” the doctor who is prescribing it, and feel hopeful for a positive result that provides target-symptom relief with no side effects other than appetite suppression without weight loss… F-adhd-zombie

I consider Dr. Hallowell the pinnacle of information on ADHD. You should too. I’ve personally talked with him and our views on ADHD are incredibly similar, even though he is from the Medical world. His strength-based approach is in alignment with mine and I will champion his work for decades to come. His words ring in my ears daily. The disturbing piece if this to me is the fact that he is basically describing the Placebo Effect. Also called the placebo response. A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.

The combination of these truths set forth in this post may aggravate you. I hope at least it opens your eyes to how important it is for you to be very educated on the realities of the vitamin, supplement, and pharmaceutical world.




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A New Paradigm on Human Energy

What’s your relationship with your Energy?

Most people accept the notion that as we age we have less energy. Have you ever seen a younger person running around tirelessly and said to someone else, “ gosh, it would be great to have that kind of energy again, huh?” On the other hand, there are stories of elders that complete triathlons; while others are wasting away in nursing homes. This discussion on energy is going to open your mind to a new paradigm with regards to your energy and potential as a human being.shawn phillips

Shawn Phillips introduced me to a concept that wasn’t altogether new to me, but the way he presented it has been making think for months. In a podcast-turned-book Full Strength at 40, he brought up the idea of creating a relationship with food. While in another chapter he discussed managing our energy better. It occurred to me that there is a combination of the two that can be addressed and focused upon. Why don’t we improve our relationship with our Energy?

Let’s face it. Everything is energy. No argument there. By adding the word relationship to the concept of energy, we can incorporate new ideas of how we improve our relationships with other humans. Typically that’s how our brains think of relationships, correct? Now this makes things easier.

Imagine these paradigms of a relationship with Energy:

  1. concept of ‘courting’ your own energy
  2. falling in love with your own energy
  3. building trust in your relationship
  4. longer lasting friendships
  5. making deposit into your Emotional Bank Account (Stephen Covey)human energy

Are you following my line of thinking here? Of course you are, because those phrases make sense to you. Now put the idea of your own Energy into the understanding that you can cultivate and build it every moment of the idea; like your relationships.

Courting your own energy would be akin to being excited to feel your own energy improve, looking for ways to feel sexy energy again, presenting yourself in the most attractive way for your energy, and basically doing anything within your power to have your energy as high, exciting, and invigorating as possible.

Falling in love with your energy involves feeling really connected to your energy. At this level, everything that is going inside you is something you are fully engaged with and passionate about. Envision the idea that ‘ you are what you eat ‘ , but really it’s about all your sense. What am I digesting? What am I touching me or on my skin? What sounds are being allowed into my ears – music, movies, conversations, and other audio bytes? What smells, aromas, type of air are entering my nostrils? Then, of course, the almighty, often overlooked vision information being taken into our brains.

When it comes to building trust with your energy, I’m going to say that there will be days when you simply have to keep going and going until you’re drained. Now, at this point, you have to handle things consistently that you will take the necessary measures to replenish and rejuvenate your energy no matter what it takes. This, in essence, will let your body, mind, and soul know that you appreciate it enough and you are trustworthy to replenish, rebuild, and fulfill your energy stores back to 100%. (or as close to that as possible)energy in your hands

It’s well known that longer lasting friendships have a residual power to them. All the things that you have done or have not done in that friendship have created the strength it has presently. The exact same goes for your human energy. If you built a timeline over the last few months or years and took note of all the good things you’ve done to build your energy and health, what would it look like? Would you be embarrassed? Or maybe you could honestly stand tall and proud, stating, “I rocked that out!” Think in your own mind, that if there was a meter measuring that answer, where would the needle point to? This understanding brings us to the nest concept made famous by the late Stephen Covey.

The Emotional Bank Account. The basic idea here is that we want to be putting more deposits into the account than we take out. Until now the discussion has been primarily physical energy, but our emotional energy level is directly affected by everything above. Covey’s concept was focused more on how we treat others. When you turn that concept inward, combined with the paradigm of building your emotional energy relationship; we create a very powerful position. Surrounding yourself with encouraging, loving, supportive people is paramount in your emotional strength. Positive self-talk and affirmations can change your life. Purposefully changing your perspective (on something that is causing you bad stress) can turn the tables on energy levels instantly.adhd energy

This is an awesome new concept for many. Read this several times. Be honest with where you are. Court your energy. Fall in love with your energy. Purposefully build long lasting friendship with your energy. Create bullet-proof ways that solidify trust with your energy levels. Most importantly, be vigilant and protect your emotional energy.

Remember, we’re working on making progress, not looking for perfection. Namaste.


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Better Help for ADHD with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback training has been introduced to several schools on a small scale with fantastic results. As technology improves, and research begins to focus more on the brain, rather than prescriptions, it’s evolving how ADHD symptoms are addressed. The classic hallmark traits of ADD/ADHD are impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity. adhd myndplay

Recent research is proving that it has a genetic component, that it’s an anatomically different brain – that can misfire its impulses, along “with glucose usage characteristics. I believe that many people are noticing that ADHD isn’t simply a chemical imbalance or problem; which has them searching out alternative ways to handle the negative aspects of the diagnosis.

I personally have spoken to possibly over 1,000 parents by now, and I can honestly tell you that the vast majority of them do NOT want their kids on medication. Then why are so many kids on prescription drugs for ADHD?

Several reasons: 1. They don’t truly understand ‘what is ADD/ADHD’. 2. They haven’t been shown the parenting skills to handle the person correctly with the diagnosis. 3. The teachers want to have better control in the classroom. 4. Because we put too much trust in medicine in America. Register now button

Neurofeedback studies are being performed as we speak in classrooms across the nation.

1.      In-school neurofeedback training for ADHD: sustained improvements from a randomized control trial

2.      Neurofeedback and cognitive attention training for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in schools

  1. Computer-based attention training in the schools for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a preliminary trial.

Introducing a non-invasive form of neurofeedback (NFB) that is fun and can be tracked, along with pre and post psychological assessments – seems like a no-brainer. NFB simply is monitoring the brain waves while the subject is performing a task. The task can be directly helpful to improving the impulsiveness, and distraction problems so prevalent with ADHD. Combining the two into a video game that can provide it’s own reports on the subject’s progress; now you have a winning combination. adhd-focus-pocusIf that was too complex for you, let’s break it down. Non-drug treatment, using technology that monitors brain waves to control a fun interactive video game, to dampen the negative traits of ADHD, while enhancing the positive traits, which can provide progress reports. And to put the icing on the cake, have the parents and child both take real psychological ADHD assessments before and after treatment.

In the USA, our clinic is the first to bring this technology into the arena of ADHD treatment. The London company, Myndplay, not only, has partnered with us in our mission to re-educate the world on the positive aspects of ADHD, but also is providing the support and platform by which to make this technology accessible to all parents, adults, and children who need help.

I’m very interested to hear your comments below. adhd-neurofeedback





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ADHD in Boys – Call to Action for Fathers

Are you ready for some straight talk about Father Son Relationships?I’m going to go on record and say that the most important thing about boys is the relationship between a father and son. It’s inarguable. It’s futile to debate. Although I’m sure that there are rare occurrences when a boy does become an awful adult ‘menace to society’; who grew up near a genuinely loving father. But, I sincerely doubt it. ( I’m not even getting into the percentage rates of fatherless homes in America. ) I want to create an awareness to the dads who are IN THEIR SON’S LIFE.adhd-father-son

Generations ago, boys were raised in a circle of men. For good reason. Stories and skills were taught to bring up the boy into a well-functioning strong member of society. These boys became young men who were connected to their fathers and father figures. In the past, young men matured into respectable leaders in society; a far cry from the sitcom dads that are present today. It’s becoming more apparent that the father has more to do with a boy’s self-esteem than any other family member.

If I just struck a chord, then I’m doing my job. It’s insidious. How in the world did we go from a strong male led society to being the butt of jokes on sitcoms. Think about it, how did that stereotype even emerge? I’m sure that there are lots of reasons, but I don’t care. It simply needs to be faced, conquered and changed.adhd-son-father-argue

Anyone past puberty can be a father.

Being a dad is completely different.

Being a role model is the next level.

( I’ve made my own mistakes, yes, I’m not perfect, but I’m constantly striving to connect deeply and be an active positive force in my sons’ lives. )

Men, let’s get serious about connecting with our sons. Connecting in a way that they have a strongly positive bond with you that is based on respect, not gifts, not obedience, not fear, but respect. Something that I learned while being around my boys is to point out the ways that you are loving them. It’s not always obvious that what you are physically doing is you actively loving them.adhd-father-son1

[ Disclaimer: Men, if you’re one of the few, who none of this applies to you, then connect with me, because I’d love to build a strong group of excellent role models. I know there are fathers who strive to have great relationships and the boys still have trouble. This blog post simply shines light on the contrast you’ve created. :) And I’ve really enjoy meeting the super dads who are out there. ]

Men, fix the lens that you see your sons through to view a growing young man who will make mistakes. And know that they will do more of what they see than what they hear.

Men, hug your sons. Be genuinely affectionate with them. A loving fathers arm around a kid means security, safety, and shows them that you are there to protect and love them.

Men, live a life that follows principles of health. Physical, Emotional, Financial Health.

Remember that Love is Verb. It’s an action word first. Before the feeling of Love.

I know that there are a lot of religious organizations that profess to be helping with this; if that’s where you want to start, then go for it. Typically I think that’s the first place males begin to realize that there is more to their role on this planet.adhd-son-father

As a father, be aware that your relationship with your own Father impacts your behaviors and thoughts. You know it does. Acknowledge that relationship, build on the positive lessons learned, scrutinize the dysfunctional parts, and make any necessary changes that you need to for your own son. Just because “that’s the way my father did it” doesn’t mean it was correct or helpful.

Okay. Are you ready for this part? The reason this is on an ADHD blog. If you, the father, has ADD/ADHD, then you need to handle that as completely as possible. Your actions, words, and mental status is affecting your sons more than you could see from your unhealthy perspective. Once you’ve swallowed that hard pill; we can move to the next part.

I’m going on record to say that the majority of kids suffering with ADHD have awful relationships with their fathers. “Suffering” meaning the boys can’t get a hold of their own impulsivity, their distractibility, their erratic behavior, and the worst part is that their self-esteem is very low. “Majority” being over 50%. Now that that’s clear. You want to know how I know this?

I have helped over a hundred patients get their lives back WITH their ADD/ADHD. Many of them males. And they tell me. With tears in their eyes. When they wrap their arms around me crying for someone to believe in them again. Sobbing to become worthy again.hallowell hug

When is the last time you looked in your sons eyes with loving proud tears of joy that he is your amazing son, knowing that he has a clinical condition, not just bad behavior?

In keeping track over the last few years, there is an honest to God connection. I’m not saying that ADHD is caused by bad parenting or un-loving dads. I AM SAYING that it’s made worse. Much worse.

SO, how do we propose we fix this issue? I’d love to hear your views in the comments below.



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Adult ADHD – 5 Roadblocks to Success

Adult Adhd

It’s become more apparent that the original notion that ADHD did NOT persist into adulthood; is wrong. I’m not sure why the ‘experts’ thought this was true. Possible it was simply that the stereotype of the disturbing little boy didn’t fit the profile anymore. As we all know, that’s how many young girls fly under the radar in elementary school – until someone finally realized 5-6 years ago that girls predominantly have ADD; without the “H”. So how is it that adult ADD/ADHD continues to be an issue, but it doesn’t have the same kind of focus as childhood ADD/ADHD?adult adhd

Working with many people of all ages and genders over the last 3 years has given me insight to how this has occurred. Of course, not everything is 100% across the board, but typically, if patients are honest with themselves, they find a lot of what I’m going to say – to be true.

Adult ADHD is an issue that can be handled very well when the person is vigilant and honest about their past, present, and future state of affairs.

While you’re reading this keep in mind that I’m someone who also has ADHD, who has faced, tackled, and handled the majority things I will be discussing. I have also helped numerous people with adult ADHD do the exact same thing. The process is challenging, deeply emotional, and incredibly freeing. Adults who are willing to make the necessary changes have always made it through to the freedom from negative ADHD – so they can enjoy the Gifts that ADHD brings to us.

When you’re ready to delve into the honest appraisal of adult ADHD, then keep reading.

  1. Programming – This concept is the umbrella that colors your perception. Your default behaviors when things aren’t at their peak state. Since beliefs equal actions, then we need to look deep into why we continue to act in a certain way. The tapes that play in the brain about who you are, what you’re capable of, or worse – what you’re NOT capable of. Here we are dealing with a combination of our identity and our habits. This subject could be an entire weekend seminar. One of the simplest ways to address this is to concentrate on the sound of the tape playing in your head. Who’s voice is it? Who does is make you think of? What memory is coming up? Get that clear and compare that to the present time. Does it even fit? If you don’t like it, then make an effort to create a new paradigm in your life. Handle one thing at a time.
  2. Listening Skills – We are not taught how to listen in school. Rarely do we take it upon ourselves to learn the steps to productive listening. Let’s enlighten on 5 simple things that may be affecting your ability to connect and communicate. In a hurry? Are you too busy to listen? Or in a hurry? Learn to stop, look people in the eye, focus to see what the person is really saying. Are you worried? Do you worry so much about the other person that you make it all about yourself? If that’s the case, remind yourself, “this is not about me”. Do your emotions get in the way? Does anger, disappointment, bad attitude, or unwillingness to change or forgive stop you from hearing correctly what the person is really trying to say? What’s your opinion? Maybe you only hear what you want to hear. Does your opinion of the person/situation overshadow what they are trying to communicate? Work on going into conversations more objectively. Last one is simply you just don’t care. Which is okay. But as an adult, being polite and honoring your time is a tricky balance, isn’t it ? adhd-help
  3. Survival & Coping Strategies – Adult ADHD has been overcome without drugs by many people. But the road to that successful position happened with purposeful self-awareness. Are you doing just enough to not get caught? As we’ve grown up with ADHD, we’ve learned certain ways to cover our tracks, or get just enough done, or mind ourselves enough to stay out of trouble. When the truth is – there is so much more you can be accomplishing WITH your ADHD. Have you discovered unhealthy ways to be focused, attentive, and control your energy levels? Many adults with ADHD have a history of self-medicating; not always with drugs or alcohol. Look deep inside yourself and make a list of ways you cope with having impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity.
  4. Self Esteem – Anyone who survived childhood with ADHD carried fear, shame, self-doubt, and/or guilt at some time or another. This is from all the times of not following through, forgetting thing, failing on promises made, lost jobs, erratic behavior, ruined relationships, etc. This ties in with the programming we discussed above. Having a lower self-esteem lowers your ability to reach for life experiences that may challenge you in ways that possible you failed before. I personally believe that this is the most grueling private battle that majority of humans face daily. Having adult ADHD multiplies the issue of having low self-esteem. As you face things head on, you can keep a running list of the actual things that you are doing to create evidence to substantiate your new self emerging.
  5. Emotional Intelligence – It’s becoming more apparent that people with ADHD have a higher intelligence than normal people. Emotionally handle ourselves isn’t our greatest asset, yet. . Consider the 4 attributes of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Self-awareness – You recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, know your strengths and weaknesses, and have self-confidence.
  • Self-management – You’re able to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Social awareness – You can understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization.
  • Relationship management – You know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.adhd for teachers

Working with clients who have adult ADHD is more challenging than children, but their ability to make changes within themselves is astonishing to watch. Adults have so many things that can change around them when they are able to handle and redirect their brains enormous power. There are so many stories of healed relationships, new certification to new jobs, improved health, renewed self-esteem – which all has a trickledown effect into many other people’s lives.

author: eric etka

Adult Adhd

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ADHD and Emotions – MyndPlay Helping Emotional Intelligence

It is well known that dealing with ADHD and Emotions can be a daunting task; due to their powerful nature. Parents have been known to say that their children can vacillate between a calm peaceful child into an erupting volcano in seconds. Truth be told, adults with ADD/ADHD can do the same thing. But, hopefully we’ve learned to control our ADHD and emotions in the maturation process.

Recently, strides have been made in research from areas of psychology pertaining to ADHD and emotions. Particularly, emotional intelligence as it pertains to functioning in social settings. As you can see, there are so many pieces to the puzzle of harnessing ADHD that sometimes even I get overwhelmed.

I’m going to speak candidly, then I will go deeper into the science of emotional intelligence and how I plan to build new treatment and training systems to help people with ADHD and emotions to better handle those tenuous social situations.

On a basic level let’s look sympathetic nervous system – the fight/flight/freeze system. The scenario goes as such, something happens that triggers this system which dumps adrenaline into our blood stream causing several different physiological changes.

Now, let’s be clear, that this scenario could be completely made up in between your ears. The classic story of – it’s a dark night and you hear footsteps as you get closer and closer to your car, your heart’s pounding, you think you’re about to get mugged, the footsteps get hurried, you panic… “hey, ma’am, you left your keys/phone at the restaurant”.adhd and emotions

(there was no danger, but you certainly created it IN YOUR MIND)

Typically, there are adrenaline ‘gates’ in our bodies that open and close in correlation to an event or situation. With ADHD and emotions, several professionals have stated that it’s like the gates are just left open, or worse just swinging away on their hinges.

Now, add to the fact about people with ADHD and our overactive imagining right brain. Creating amazingly detailed scenarios that are sometimes far-fetched and seemingly stretching reality. Have you ever come up with an idea and the non-ADD people around you look at you like you are an alien? Or call you some derogatory name.

Remember the last time you changed the schedule on someone who has ADHD? Did they go ballistic? My case in point.

So the questions remains, how do we take such a powerfully explosive brain of ADHD and emotions and harness that into a positive force for good creation?

Teaching emotional intelligence to children with ADHD will change their lives. Consider the 4 attributes of Emotional Intelligence. (

  • Self-awareness – You recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, know your strengths and weaknesses, and have self-confidence.
  • Self-management – You’re able to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Social awareness – You can understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization.
  • Relationship management – You know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.

Recently a London based company has made great strides helping people with these 4 attributes. Myndplay, and it’s CEO, Tre Azam, have put together an incredible way to create better awareness, manage your emotional state, become more aware of what’s going on around you; which I believe will create better relationship management.

MyndPlay is a next generation platform which combines revolutionary EEG brainwave technology and the medium of Video to create seamlessly interactive mind controlled experiences and content from movies and games to serious training and education, the system has been used by Blue Chip companies from HSBC, Volvo and Nissan to the Prison services, schools and the Military/Police, plus many more.

In regards to ADHD and emotions – one can train their mind to meditate and focus through stimulus/response training and provide one with detailed brainwave feedback and the tools to develop greater mental awareness and emotional control making it the ultimate brain entertainment, live experience and training platform.

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you may be thinking, “most people with ADHD would fail at most of those attributes”. I’m inclined to agree with you.  That’s why we want to make a difference with Myndplay technology.adhd myndplay

When it comes to ADHD and emotions, it’s safe to say that we aren’t the best self-observers. Controlling impulses, managing emotions, and following through is not our strong suit. The social awareness attribute; I do believe we are inherently intuitive and compassionate, even though we may not understand it. Lastly, I don’t think that it would hurt anyone’s feelings if I said that people with ADHD need lots of help with relationship management.

Stay tuned for more updates about MyndPlay and The ADHD Society. For more info go to









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ADHD and Anxiety – 7 Ways to Win the Game

Adhd And Anxiety

ADHD and Anxiety – How to Win the Game

Have you noticed that ADHD and anxiety is becoming more of an issue lately? Watching this happen with your child can be very troubling. Having it happen to yourself is not much either. Some newer research points to sleep deprivation being a piece to the puzzle. I’ve noticed clients with a dysfunctional right brain that likes to run unbridled is more of a problem. As technology improves to measure the truth; I’m going to shed some light on how I’ve helped hundreds of people get control of their ADHD and anxiety.adhd and anxiety

Would it make sense to you if I told you that the ADD Brain functions from the perspective – that is colored by the amount fear shame and guilt that the person is internalizing? (The majority of the world is ‘sold’ on the Germ Theory, so let’s accept this simple ADD theory as fact.) Let me make that clearer, people with ADD/ADHD can be incredibly constructive and destructive, based on the amount of personal fear, shame, or guilt they carry. Obviously, this is true for how much self-esteem, joy, and free conscience they enjoy.

The ADD Brain is very powerful – when it is free of illusions – of the true nature of the person whom possesses that brain. If this is true, then why are we singled out as dumb, lazy, nuisance, problem child? This doesn’t happen just a few times, we’re talking thousands, countless, amount of occurrences. Even with a ‘normal’ thinker, this negative programming can be hard to bear.

People with ADHD have incredible imaginations; making negative programming extremely powerful. Imagine for a moment that someone possessing the programming that they aren’t smart or that they “can’t do anything right”. What will happen to this person when they encounter a new experience in which they have to learn something new to accomplish a new task?0.o

Combine that with the newer understanding that “thoughts become things” (Mike Dooley), in addition to the power of thought to change the environment (The Intention Experiment). This creates a very strong force that can be extremely destructive; one in which the person wielding the power has no idea that they are even the cause of it [I hope I didn’t lose you there – because this becomes a very important foundation for changing your ADD gifted brain]

Our ‘fight or flight or freeze’ response creates adrenaline surges. (This happen from our Sympathetic nervous system mediated spinally from T1 to L1.) ADHD and anxiety is happening when that system is left unchecked by the logical left brain. As for fear; fear is fantastic. Fear keeps you from doing lots of things that you CAN do, but it can also push you to do things that you never thought possible. Because fear is in your mind, like anxiety, and the chemicals it produces cause all kinds of actions and reactions.

Scientific fact – when your ‘fight or flight’ response is kicked in from your nervous system, ALL your senses become more enhanced. Yes, absolute total fact. Visual, hearing, tactile, smell… at the highest level needed for the situation. Guess what? Who controls your mind? One person. You. ADHD and anxiety is completely under your control (once you are aware, recognize and train yourself).Bouncer-with-headset

Facing your own internal notions of fear will take us into areas of our minds that we may believe are very real to us. That’s fine, I understand, but you have to understand that it’s only that way because YOU have made it that way.

Here’s the disclaimer – when you begin to ask yourself about the skills that you have to complete something that you’re afraid of – and you honestly don’t have the skills – GO GET THEM. Research the skills needed, then learn what’s necessary, then train on the new skills, find a way to get that skill. Anyone can learn new skills. If they allow themselves to.

Here’s 7 ways to win the ADHD and anxiety game:

  1. Understand that anxiety is only a set of chemicals caused by the thoughts in your mind. Make your left brain rein in your right brain, like a horse.
  2. Ask yourself “why am I feeling this, what am I ‘really’ afraid of?
  3. List all requirements to accomplish the thing you’re afraid of..
  4. Acknowledge your own skills, talents, assets, and ask others for help
  5. Determine if you can perform the skills needed while you are scared…brave)
  6. Remember that you have created the thoughts and chemicals inside YOUR head.
  7. Now, take a deep breath, and go do it.. NOW.adhd and anxiety

This works, I promise. I have been able to face countless moments in life that used to cripple me. Many times it simply came down to realizing that I had the basic skill to perform the task, and I could complete them without dying. More often than not my ADHD and anxiety was like a phantom cloud that my mind created and once I was in front of it, it vaporized.

So, yes, this works. And I’m going to look forward to the stories that come from the readers of this blog.



Adhd And Anxiety

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